Cómo dibujar un perro. Un artista experto hace casi todas estas cajas sólo en su mente y casi únicamente dibuja las líneas de la figura retratada en el lienzo.

How to draw a male‘s upper body


This is another drawing, closer to the ultimate style for my new comic POSORJA. Look how you can use Photoshop  to get a quick result. 

Posorja appearing from her underwater world. I need to change her dresses. She needs something suitable for underwater life. Actually, she should be naked. But we all know that in the United States and around the world there is a lot of censorship about human nudity, especially in textbooks. And of course, I do not want my graphic novel is censored.

Please watch these videos if you want to learn  an easy way to draw a basic human figure. The first video shows you how to draw a light drawing. The second one shows how to draw a dark image from shadows. 

Dibujando para una novela gráfica...

​Drawing for a Graphic Novel ...


How to draw a dog.

A skilled artist does almost all these boxes only in his mind and almost only draws the lines of the portrayed figure on the canvas.